About Us

We Parihar Tent Factory are the aggressive firm manufacturing tents in Jodhpur India, as we have experience of manufacturing tents more than 10yrs. We have experience of tents rental of more than 35 yrs. We are exporting our tents in various countries for last 6 years.

        Parihar tent factory makes the tents for you for camping, safaris, garden, beach point, hotel, farm house, parties, weddings and occasion of joy and festivals. Our clients are using these tents in houses, farm house etc with 100% satisfaction. We provide Royal test for our Royal customers in wide range of tents available, we also provide decorative furniture, candles , antique woodcrafts. You can easily pitch to any place.

We provide waterproof canvas, setting cotton cloths, fast colour, beautiful hand block printing, screen printing, pitch work, kasida work by traditional and expert crafts mans.

       To serve you the best way we also make tents as per your desire, design submitted with different-different sizes by you. You can also decorate your tents with Voil Drops, Chicks, Arch's, Side wall, bamboo and iron frame also provided as per demand.